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Translation, English
In the fallacies men put upon themselves, and the mistakes in men's disputes and notions, how great a part is owing to words, and their uncertain or mistaken significations. (Locke)
Translation, Italian
Learn a new language and get a new soul. (Slovak proverb)
Proofreading, German
Purifying and enriching language is a matter for the very best academics. (Goethe)
Translation, French
The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug. (Mark Twain)
Proofreading, English
The limits of my language means the limits of my world. (Wittgenstein)
Translation, Spanish
The German language can snort, buzz, jangle, rumble, crackle, it can also play, joke, caress, flirt and laugh(Logau)
Transcription, Englisch
Never use a new word unless it has three qualities: it must have a purpose, it must be comprehensible, and it must be euphonious. (Voltaire)

The team of professional translators at TetraLingua Fachübersetzungen looks forward to supporting you in all your internationalization and globalization projects. Our client base ranges from private customers over small- and medium-sized companies, all the way to leading corporations operating worldwide. We draw from our many years of broad experience from the widest conceivable spectrum of projects. Go here to find some examples.

You’ve already got a translation project in the pipeline? Then contact us – we’d be glad to be of assistance.

Our services

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Software localization, IT and network technology

We localize the user interfaces for your apps and software programmes (Android, iOS, macOS and Windows), translate your online tools, KnowledgeBase articles, websites, and much more besides, to help you to successfully bring your products and services into the international marketplaces.
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Technical translations

Do you market your technical products and services worldwide? Our team of experienced technical translators looks forward to being of assistance in translating your technical dossiers, data sheets, product descriptions, brochures, and much more besides. Using dedicated CAT tools we’re able to process a very broad range of file formats. We’d be glad to meet up with you to discuss your specific project!
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Translating business documents

Are you planning to set up a subsidiary abroad and need a translation of your entry in the commercial register, articles of association, or balance sheet? Then you’ve found the ideal partner in us. Our publicly appointed and certified translators regularly cooperate with several economic and management consultancy companies in dealing with such matters – why not for your company too?
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Certified translations

Whether for the registry office or for your professional career abroad – in many cases you’ll be asked to present certified translations of your personal documents. No matter whether it’s your birth certificate, marriage certificate, driver’s license, or employment testimonial that’s involved – go here to get a quote for the translation. In most cases we’ll be able to deal with your request very swiftly. Our many years of experience in this field mean that you can thoroughly rely on us as a dependable partner.
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Other language services

No matter whether you need proofreading, editing, or transcription services, or direct interpretation at meetings or negotiations – these are also tasks for our dedicated language professionals. On-the-spot assignments can also be arranged at very short notice, no matter whether in Munich or in Silicon Valley.
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Our areas of expertise

We’d be glad to give you details on the specific areas of expertise in which we have special experience. Our project overview can give you an initial glimpse into our spectrum of activities.

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As our company name already implies, besides German we’ve specialized in four other languages in particular – English, French, Spanish, and Italian. But that doesn’t mean that our service stops here if your translation project covers other languages besides. Thanks to cooperation schemes with partners worldwide, we’re able to deliver in other languages too.

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Software tools

The more distinct and individual a company is, the more distinct and individual its specific requirements and needs. To enable us to fulfil as many requests as we can, we’ve put together a diversified toolbox of dedicated software applications. The tools we use for computer-aided translation (CAT) support a broad range of file formats, enabling us to process not only files edited with Word or InDesign, but also files in the HTML/XML or XLIFF formats. We’d be glad to work together with you to define the optimal workflow for your specific project.
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