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Translating documents and certificates – can’t I do that myself?

Translations of documents and certificates are normally needed if you are continuing your school education in another country, or if you want to apply at a foreign university after your school career. But there are also job references, certificates of conduct and licences to practise medicine. Here one has to bear in mind that the translations normally also have to be certified since certificates are concerned.

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At first glance, a document or certificate looks quite simple. A short text at the beginning, then the different school subjects with lists of marks and then, right at the bottom, the headmaster’s signature. The same holds true of certificates of conduct. However, in every language there is certain standardised wording for documents and certificates that one does not always know as a layperson. Therefore, if you translate the document or certificate yourself, the text will most likely sound “translated” and thus will rarely make a professional impression in your application. It may even possibly happen that you translate to your disadvantage. For instance, the German word “flexibel” does not only mean “flexible” in English, but in some cases, it also means “undecided”).

Here you will receive further information on certified translations.

We will be pleased to make an individual offer for your document or certificate. You can contact us here. Please note that it takes particular care to translate employment testimonials properly. This is why the price for the translation of a testimonial of one-and-a-half to two pages lies in the region of. 120 – 160 € (incl. VAT).

You can simply order your certified translation online or by phone – we’ll be glad to send the translation to your home address by post, within Germany free of extra charge.


Certificate of good conduct

Some companies require their new recruits to present a certificate of good conduct before they take up their jobs (e.g. in the public sector, the private security sector, kindergarten teachers, educators etc.). In addition, some companies – for instance airports – have security-sensitive areas to which access is strictly controlled (“security zones”). For employees to be given access authority or an access pass in the context of the security check, they may be required to present documents such as certificates of good conduct. Such certificates may also be necessary for consular purposes or when submitting applications for a visa or for immigration or naturalization. In the case that the certificate of good conduct was issued in another country (e.g. because that is where the person in question was most recently resident), the original document must in many cases be presented accompanied by a certified translation.

Our team stands ready to deliver such translations, both for private individuals as well as for companies – simply contact us to find out how we can be of assistance.


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